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8,215,871.57 USDC

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116.72 WBTC

DeFi Solutions

Market Makers and Trading Firms take advantage of cheap capital to do active strategies out of reach to everyday users.

Stream - White Jar
- Stalling DeFi Growth
- Siloed Engines
- Inferior Products
- Lack of Adaptability
Stream - White Jar
+ Blend TradFi and DeFi
+ Competitive TradFi
+ Spark Growth
+ Better Yields

Capital Efficiency

At Stream, we are aiming to create products that are more capital efficient and thus attractive for users and the space.

Our products

We are developing a capital efficient platform to supercharge DeFi adoption.

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This vault takes advantage of non-directional trades to earn high yield. This strategy simultaneously goes long and short, allowing it to collect funding from the short while not being exposed to downside.

RisksExecution failure, smart contract risk, custody risk
Locked Value8,215,871.57 USDC

Coming Soon

Clearing House
A multichain capital efficiency optimized DEX is the natural next step for Stream
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